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The Innovators’ Pitch is powered by Get Started, the startup initiative by Bitkom, Germany’s leading digital association. We aim to connect startups with established companies in the digital sector and to represent startups’ interests in politics. We offer them possibilities to meet decision makers and to network with established companies at high-quality events.


Also, we provide them with expert knowledge and current information on market developments and legislation. Politically we advocate for young growth companies on a regional, national, and EU level. Bitkom represents more than 2,600 companies, already 500 startups have joined us at special terms designed to meet their needs.


If you want to fast-forward into the digital future the hub.berlin is the right place for you. The interactive business festival brings together key players of Europe’s leading industries, politics and 600+ startups in a unique environment to discuss, shape and experience the digital transformation. #hub19 provides impulses for an entire year – in two days.


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