These are the Innovators‘ Pitch finalists 2022!
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These are the Innovators‘ Pitch finalists 2022!

We are thrilled to announce our finalists for this year’s Innovators‘ Pitch! Six exciting startups from the fields of Cybersecurity and Enterprise Analytics have made it to the grand finale at They will present their innovative ideas, technologies and products live in front of our expert jury and the audience on June 22nd and have the chance to win 5,000 € per award category as well as a free Get Started membership.




The finalists of the Innovators‘ Pitch 2022 in the CYBERSECURITY category are:


(1) DeepSign

DeepSign is a cybersecurity startup from Saarbrücken, Germany, that focuses on continuous, easy-to-use strong authentication. With their AI, they can verify human users in line with privacy requirements without any additional effort. To achieve this, DeepSign uses the user’s interactions with mouse and keyboard.

(2) Psoido:

Psoido protects sensitive data and company know-how with unique anonymization and encryption. Their automated methods allow iterative anonymization of data sets, differentiated analysis of non-traceable virtual IDs, and easy-to-use encryption via „distributed security“. Psoido creates trust when exchanging sensitive data for new data-driven business models.


(3) Quantum Optics Jena: Quantum Optics Jena GmbH is a spin-off of the Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Optics and Precision Engineering IOF. After its foundation in October 2020, the young company was able to secure a first round of financing in the seven-digit range in January 2021. The company uses quantum physical effects to realize new solutions in the field of information technologies and cybersecurity.



The finalists of the Innovators‘ Pitch 2022 in the ENTERPRISE ANALYTICS category are:


(1) FORMATION: FORMATION empowers businesses to digitalize by using collaborative maps. FORMATION makes workers‘ everyday tasks easier, management more efficient, the workplace more engaging, and businesses thriving on location data. 


(2) qbilon: qbilon is a software platform for automatic capturing, analysis, and optimization of hybrid IT landscapes. It merges data from isolated data sources into an overall picture. This overview is used for automatic documentation, revealing security and stability weaknesses, and reducing costs of IT assets in hybrid landscapes.


(3) Stargazr: Stargazr is a no-code simulation software, specifically designed and built for finance teams of manufacturing companies. The software uses a recommendation engine based on prescriptive analytics to send AI-based recommendations to CFOs about how to improve their financial profitability.



The grand finale will take place as part of on June 22 at Funkhaus Berlin. If you want to be there and see the finalists live on stage, apply here for free startup tickets.