Psoido and Stargazr are winners of the Innovators‘ Pitch 2022
The outstanding competition for early stage startups.
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Psoido and Stargazr are winners of the Innovators‘ Pitch 2022

The startups from Erfurt and Hamburg convinced the jury at | Bitkom startup competition honors most innovative ideas and technologies in cybersecurity and enterprise analytics categories





The winners of the Innovators‘ Pitch 2022 come from Erfurt and Hamburg: Psoido, and Stargazr convinced the jury at the competition for early stage-startups this evening at The most innovative ideas and technologies in the cybersecurity and enterprise analytics categories were sought at the pitch for early-stage startups organized by Get Started, the startup initiative of the digital association Bitkom.

„All six finalists of the Innovators‘ Pitch today showed the important contribution startups can make to more cybersecurity and efficient data analytics in enterprises. Psoido and Stargazr not only succeeded in convincing the jury but also impressed the audience with their ideas,“ says Daniel Breitinger, Head of Startups at Bitkom. „With the Innovators‘ Pitch at, we also want to make a contribution to advancing cooperations between startups and medium-sized, but also large companies – not only from the digital industry but with all companies that are currently facing the digital transformation.“

Psoido (Erfurt, Cybersecurity category): Secure identities in the digital space are the focus of Psoido from Erfurt. Psoido’s authentication process generates unique IDs that cannot be traced back to a real identity. This enables differentiated analysis of collected data – while at the same time protecting the privacy of users.

Stargazr (Hamburg and Los Angeles, Enterprise Analytics category): No-code simulation software specifically for finance teams at manufacturing companies is being developed by Hamburg and Los Angeles-based Stargazr. With AI support, it analyzes data and develops recommendations for finance managers to improve company profitability.

The winners of the Innovators‘ Pitch receive 5,000 euros im prize money and a free Bitkom Get Started membership.

Partners of the Innovators‘ Pitch 2022 are Cloudflare and SAP.iO. The jury included the following representatives from business, investors, and the media:

  • Stefan Henke, Head of DACH, Cloudflare
  • Dr. Azadeh Ghahghaie, Director, SAP.iO Foundry Berlin
  • Simran Mann, Security Policy Officer, Bitkom
  • Dr. Tanja Emmerling, Partner, High-Tech Gründerfonds
  • Dr. Simon Vogt, Vice President, Agency for Innovation in Cybersecurity
  • Moritz Zimmermann, General Partner, 42CAP


Many thanks to everyone who made the Innovators‘ Pitch 2022 such a success.